Rein’s Deli

My wife and I have finally discovered a Deli that has been in existence for many, many years in Vernon, CT called Rein’s Deli. We happened on it when I visited a nice little record shop in the same plaza called Records The Good Kind. (in case you didn’t know it, I have an addiction to the vinyl LP).

Our first visit to that plaza did not include dining at Rein’s because there was a large line and we didn’t know how long it would take to get seated and have lunch. (We have come to realize after a couple of visits that they handle large volumes exceptionally well).

Returning on a Friday night (we thought we would have a long wait, but were not in a hurry). To the contrary, we were seated within a few minutes after a very brief time in line and were ordering our meals before we knew it. The waitress was attentive and quick. When she came to take our order, we were presented with a dish of half-sour pickles (may favorite) which I suspect they make there. They were very fresh and plentiful. Right away, I was sold.

My wife is not a big meat eater and rarely has much more than a few bites of anything beef. However, she has a particular love for good pastrami that is situated in the middle of a Reuben sandwich. I have always preferred corned beef over pastrami for such purposes, but she is the opposite. I tend to find pastrami often very greasy and salty. This was not at all that way and I found (after sampling hers} that it was truly delicious and I might even prefer it to corned beef in such a sandwich. I myself that night had a chicken salad club on toasted rye that I found to be very good, along with sides of coleslaw and macaroni salad that were enjoyable. On the way out we took a couple of pieces of cheesecake to go that were alright, although we have had better. It’s a personal preference thing, cheesecake — you may think it fantastic when compared to others. We did not. It was expensive and good, but not worth the money we paid for it. Neither was the macaroni salad worth $5 per pound (I bought some to take home) but it is very good and worth $2.99 as a side dish when dining there. I must confess I could see myself buying the macaroni salad to take home again, because it happens to be a favorite of mine. On our second visit, I had the pastrami Reuben and was very pleased with the selection. My wife had the Reuben again — go figure!

Needless to say, when we are in the area and in the mood for a sandwich, Rein’s is the place. The place is clean, service excellent, efficiently run and the food is very good. A big thumbs up to the find. When you are in the Vernon or Manchester, CT area, avail yourself of the opportunity to eat at Rein’s.


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