Jewett City Flea Market

Jewett City, once a thriving mill town oh so many years ago, is far from dead. Aside from the many residences and small shops that seem to survive in a small downtown atmosphere, it is also home to the flea market in the old Slater Mill — open every Sunday from 9 to 4.

This flea market has been in existence for many, many years — but is something I only recently re-discovered. My wife reminded me that I had been there once before, but I must not have spent much time there or wasn’t interested in shopping for anything then. (I have but a vague recollection of it at best). Being someone who loves to collect things that are either old or of some sort of interest to me, it is nirvana.

One thing of collectible interest to me is the vinyl record. For that, I am well satisfied with the flea market. There are several vendors who sell LPs, as well as many who offer equipment with which to play them. Aside from purchasing a few records (a couple of George Thorogood albums in near mint condition and one Bob Dylan record that played better than expected for cheap money), I also picked up a rather old Pioneer 100wt/ch receiver for the bedroom for twenty bucks which still works decently! It works well with my equally old Pioneer cassette deck I purchased for $5 the week before! Of course, what I appreciate it for more than anything is the way my vinyl sounds when I play it on a turntable that I have hooked up to it.

There was also a very interesting little shop I wandered into when first arriving there this past Sunday that sells DVDs and CDs. I picked up a few nice CDs for $2 each (one was only $1) and, although I spent no time looking at them, will no doubt peruse the extensive collection of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs when next I visit.

My wife was able to get a really nice bookcase made of real wood (not the typical particle board that you might acquire from Walmart) for $20 that she is well-pleased with.

So, if you are in the mood for a little browsing on a Sunday, you might consider the flea market. Who knows? You may find a once-in-a-lifetime bargain!


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