I have high hopes for 2017. Of course, I say that every year. One of the things I must admit that I also say often is how glad I am to see the previous year go! Sometimes, I say that more than other years. This is such an occasion: 2016 was a tough year in many ways. It became apparent in the spring that I had to do something about my stepson and his girlfriend who were renting the upstairs apartment from us along with their 3 children. We put up with their disrespectful nonsense for 4 years. Time for them to go. I pray for them. That has been hard on my wife — not really missing the parents, but sad over the kids.

My wife finally had her surgery in August 2016 to have her right shoulder replaced. It seems to be successful, but there is a clicking sound when she moves it and there are issues with the place she went to for physical therapy. In my opinion, she has not received the care she should have from the Norwich Orthopedic Group. That’s a whole other issue that is best left in capable hands to deal with. She had another stay for a few days in Backus Hospital to clear up a matter of vomiting blood. Interestingly, she has not had another occurrence of it since her GP took her off of all the medications she had been put on. Currently she is home nursing a cold that I am sorry to say she likely caught from me.

This year I am hoping to focus on my health and being of better service to God.




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