In and Out of Trump Tower…

With speculation amidst all the comings and goings on Trump Tower lately, the media is having a field day with President-Elect Trump and his transition team as they seek to establish suitable candidates for the many positions they must fill. I would remind the reader that past presidents have taken as much as 6 weeks or more to fill the key slots they must have ready to go by Inauguration Day. Many names have been floated for key positions and a couple are done deals, such as Steve Bannon (the one I question the most). That said, I’m pretty sure that there’s no candidate whose entire list I would necessarily agree with.

Everybody’s favorite film maker Michael Moore paid a visit to Trump Tower and made [what he knew would be] a failed attempt to see Mr. Trump. While I will give credit where credit is due to some of the points he has raised recently (such as Mr. Trump’s inevitable win and how the far-left has been out of touch with the average American voter), his visit was obviously designed to draw attention to himself. He asked the President-Elect  in a note to do [what he thinks] is the right thing and step aside to let the person the popular vote elected (Clinton) assume office. Sure. He is all about reforms and the party that is out of touch with the blue collar middle class voter — so he wants Trump to let Clinton take the reigns? Right. The ‘panderer in chief’ who would have little to no regard for the plight of the American family and would undoubtedly continue the catastrophic course the country has been on.

Look, I have never been a huge fan of Trump, but I think a Clinton victory might have been even worse. It is a shame the Libertarian party couldn’t actually produce a viable, informed person to run for the office. If ever there was a chance for  a third party candidate to gain traction, it was this year! At least we would have had a much clearer choice.


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